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Adam Allison, the creative mind behind Black Cabin became a landscape designer in 2004 after graduating from the landscape design program at Fanshawe College in London Ontario.  Fresh out of college he worked at a local nursery\landscaping business as a landscape designer.  Hungry to learn and expand in his discipline he knew he needed to surround himself with experience, talent, and creativity.

He moved to Toronto and joined a small, niche landscape design studio that specializes in modern design for small spaces.  Under the supervision of the owners (one being a landscape designer with a masters in ART and the other being a retired architect of 40 years turned landscape architect) and surrounded by their experience, passion, creativity, simplicity of forms, proportion, flow in spaces, lack of ornament, exposed structure and material and texture selection.  In that little side street studio nestled in Toronto's St. Clair and Bathurst neighboourhood our designs and renders were curated on drafting boards, completely illustrated by hand.  Not aware at the time, my love for visual communication began.

He returned home to his rural roots where modern design was virtually inaccessible outside of magazines and home and garden television.

Inspired by my experience in Toronto, he launched his first company specializing in modern outdoor living spaces, eventually creating a footprint for progressive, clean lines, and spaces defined by simplicity.  He incorporated materials such as concrete, rusted steel, timber, glass, and stone.  He began with himself, a wheelbarrow, and a few tools, and over the course of ten years expanded to a team of twenty including a showroom, retail yard, design team, and construction division. He worked at every level of the company during that time, becoming skilled in construction techniques, working with people, marketing, and managing the business. 

While those years offered him incredible learning experiences, they also highlighted where his passions lay, which were in the art of design and working with clients. At the helm of a business, I had less and less time for the things I loved.

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In 2017 he made the decision to create something new.  He wanted to get back to his roots of creativity and inspiration.  He created Black Cabin where he would be able to apply everything he had learned in the areas he felt strongly passionate about.  His company focused on modern design and high-quality 3d visualization,  By specializing in these areas, it allowed him to pour his time and energy into a unique experience for my clients.  I can develop authentic relationships and engage them as part of the creative process.  Since then I have been designing outdoor spaces for residential clients, providing 3D renderings of interiors and exteriors for architects, interior designers, contractors,


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